Reviews Some speakers during their training highlight how ‘great’ they are. Whilst in your workshops it is designed to make the delegates become ‘great’.Reviews

Unlock your Full Potential with our Botox Training Workshops

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Unlock your full potential with one of the leading Botox training workshop providers in the UK

Here at Botox Training Club, we offer dentists, medics, doctors, specialists and nurses the opportunity to improve their craft in facial aesthetics. At our Botox training classes, we teach students techniques in mastering injection procedures.

We only offer recognised training courses. Our workshops cover the most requested areas of facial aesthetic patients: Frown (Glabellar), Forehead (Frontalis) and the Eyes (Crow's Feet). For only £700, you are granted access to premier customer service, which also includes unlimited post-workshop support and private group discussions. No need to worry about taking time off work; Saturday workshops are also available.

After taking Botox training classes, the learning never stops. As mentioned, we provide post-workshop support for better business stability. Our team supplies you with the models to lessen the stresses of finding patients. You also get 1 FREE team member as an observer. You will receive a delegate's pack complete with the necessary forms, as well.

The Botox Training Club is dedicated to helping you improve your craft and customer service. You get 6.5 hours of verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) through basic and advanced courses. We help you build strategies to increase profits for your business with the 9-Step Blueprint for Increased Profits in Your Facial Aesthetics Business.

The Botox Training Club was created by Dr. Harry Singh, who believes that regular GDPs can also go the distance. He has treated over 3,000 cases and offers his 13 years of experience to interested students. He will teach his blueprint, which covers the basics of the business, such as Botulinum toxin courses.

Your facial aesthetic business can run miles with our team. Book an appointment for Basic Botox, Advanced Botox and Basic Dermal Fillers with us now.


Reviews 10/10 - Excellent training - really focussed on exactly what I wanted to learn. Reviews
Dr Ola Alwiytry

Reviews 10/10 - A great introduction to facial aesthetics, recognising the benefits and limitations. Reviews
Dr James Robson

Reviews 10/10 - Comprehensive day to prepare you getting started in facial aesthetics Reviews
Dr Kirsten Bridgman

Reviews 10+ - The workshop was excellent, took place at a lovely venue and covered the subject really well. I felt confident to start administrating Botox as soon as I get my insurance Reviews
Dr Hana Tofighi

Reviews 10/10 - Great course. I am a beginner in Botox, but this course has made me confident to go forward and start working Reviews
Dr Prabjit Takher

Reviews 10/10 - Very useful and interesting day. Lots of practical tips. Feel confident to start doing it in practice Reviews
Dr Debbie Bell

Reviews 10/10 - Having never placed or seen dermal fillers on a patient, I feel confident to apply and offer this treatment to my patients Reviews
Dr Dhiran Modasia

Reviews 10/10 - This was a great follow up to the beginners course. Very informative and I would highly recommend it Reviews
Dr Chetan Bhudia

Reviews 10/10 - I did the basic botox course at another place but found Harry’s teaching style and technique very simple and easy to adopt. He instills great confidence and offers great support Reviews
Dr Parminder Battu

Reviews 10/10 - Excellent workshop with an excellent hands on element. First course I have attended which has me awake and interested for the whole day Reviews
Dr Satin Patel

Reviews 10/10 -It was brilliant. Day was very informative. Unfortunately I was late, but he repeated some basics again with me, which was great Reviews
Dr Ami Sutarwala

Reviews 10/10 - Harry is approachable and gives comprehensive information in preparation for administrating botox Reviews
Dr Madhu Gohil

Reviews 10/10 - Very informative. Relaxed course and Harry was very friendly. Would definitely recommend to colleagues and would attend future courses Reviews
Rachel Thomson

Reviews 10/10 - Excellent. Glad I chose this course when there are many available. Feel confident now to try the areas shown on my own. Thank you Harry Reviews
Dr Samira Ahmed

Reviews 10/10 - Simple, straightforward and a fun course. I learnt a lot, I’ve a;ways enjoyed Harry’s style of teaching, fun and energetic! Hands on was good Reviews
Dr Nisha Narwal

Reviews 10/10 - Really well explained, informative and well structured. It was really helpful to have a practical session, to help gain confidence to treat our own patients Reviews
Dr Annie Kapoor

Reviews 10/10 - A very informative day. I would highly recommend your course Reviews
Dr Amy Shah

Reviews After attending Harry's training for Botox and Fillers I have thrown all my energy at setting up Facial Aesthetics within my practices. I now have everything set up and patients booked in within a month of my first training day.

I have also managed to get my foot in the door at a skin and laser clinic, with consultations now booked for the first clients. I am also negotiating with my hairdresser who is renovating his salon to incorporate beauty treatments. So much gained from two days training.

Harry's advice has been invaluable in addition to excellent training. I'm very positive about the future. Thanks Harry! Reviews

Reviews I attended Harry’s facial aesthetics workshop in March and within 2 months I had treated over 20 patients. Not only does Harry teach the clinical component, his marketing knowledge is second to none, which he happy imparts freely. Reviews

Reviews I had a previously paid for a clinical workshop with another course provider. I was unhappy with the clinical experience on the day and lack of support after the day. I dabbled in facial aesthetics and did not build any momentum. I decided to refresh my clinical skills and paid for Harry’s workshop. Without doubt what made the biggest difference was the free support post workshop and the non clinical aspects of running a facial aesthetics business. I did my course 6months ago and have a turnover of over £k per month from solely facial aesthetics. Reviews

Reviews 3 months post workshop. 5 joint venture partners with beauty salons, 1 day every 2 weeks dedicated to facial aesthetics and hoping to increase this to 1 day per week in the near future and 15 regular patients every month. The results speak for themselves. Reviews

Reviews I have attended a number of Harry's courses. They have always been relaxed and informal, yet informative. I find Harry's style to be very approachable and friendly. I have done other Botox and filler courses but Harry's was the one that actually gave me the confidence, the skills & the marketing tools to actually make facial aesthetics a viable treatment to offer. Thanks Harry! Reviews
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